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Mounting Plaques
for Ferns and Orchids

Our plaques are constructed using 1" x 3" WeatherShield Premium Wood Product Lumber,
Galvanized Staples, a galvanized hanging hook and a plant ID tag.

We can make custom sized mounting plaques. Contact us for a quote.

Assorted Sizes available see list below

Galvanized Hook and yellow plant ID Tag on back

Information about WeatherShield Premium Wood Products

  • Enhanced Durability  Pretreated with a wood stabilizer to reduce splitting, cracking and warping.                           

  • Improved Weather Protection  Factory applied water repellent requires no additional sealing for one full year.

  • New Lighter Color  Cleaner and brighter for a more natural appearance and improved stainability.                      

  • Building Code Compliant  Less corrosive to screws, nails, hardware and aluminum products.                                  

  • SCS Certified  Environmentally Preferred Treated Wood Products                                                                                   

12" X 12"
15" X 15"
18" X 18"
24" X 24"

$ 8.00
$ 11.00
$ 15.00
$ 20.00


Prices Effective: 2-6-2016