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 Hello. I'm Bob Benaim and in 1974 I started making Wooden Toys and selling them
at the Arts & Crafts shows in the South Florida area. In the early 80's, I opened a
small shop in Hialeah, Florida called The World of Wooden Toys where we sold stimulating 
and educational wooden toys. We were unable to keep it open and had to close it 
for economics reasons. So I continued doing the Arts & Crafts shows until about 15 years
ago. Stored my wooden toy inventory in a warehouse and found it when I went looking
 for something else. I didn't realize how much stuff I had and decided now is a good 
time to sell it.

I have always enjoyed working with wood and have built furniture for my kids along 
with many other items over the years. One of my hobbies is growing Staghorn Ferns.
Recently I needed some mounting plaques; so out came the tools and I made some
for myself and some extras to sell at a plant show. Well, I sold 10 the first day and 
8 the second day and started to think of other items to make. I figured it might be 
a way to earn some extra income and I opened my new venture.

Our newest addition is cutting boards. In our kitchen we have a few laying around. They 
always come in handy and not necessarily for the purpose intended. That do make good
protection for a hot pot on the table. I'm sure you can find many uses also.

As time progresses, we will be adding new items to the web site. Please bookmark us and
check back from time to time. If there is something you want build, send us an
e-mail to
see if it's possible we can build it for you.

Since we are just getting started, we will be open by appointment only. 
Give us a call or send us a e-mail to set up a good time for both of us. Thanks.


Presently, we are open by appointment only